The death of a Filipino citizen abroad must be reported to the Embassy, which in turn will forward the Report of Death to the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila, for onward transmittal to the Office of the Civil Registrar General. 

It is important to report and register the death of a Filipino citizen abroad to facilitate social security, death benefits and insurance claims by the next-of-kin (NOK), as well as for legal purposes. This Report is issued upon the application of the Consular Mortuary Certificate that is required for the repatriation of remains. 

Duly accomplished application form, application fee of €22.50, Affidavit executed by the Next-of-Kin (NOK) on their decision on the disposition of remains (gratis), and original and 2 photocopies of the following: 
• Certificate of Death 
• Passport/Seaman´s book of the deceased 

Sealing of Casket - fee of €54.00 

Requirements for the issuance of Consular Mortuary Certificate 
• Certificate of Death issued by the local civil registrar showing the name, age, and nationality of the deceased, as well as the date and place of death 
• Medical certificate indicating the cause of death certified by a physician 
• A Certificate issued by the Funeral Service provider, stating that the body was properly treated in accordance with internationally accepted health practices; that it is in sanitary condition consistent with existing standards for overseas shipment; and that the casket has been hermetically sealed and contains only the remains of the deceased 
• A Certificate of non-contagious disease issued by the proper authority, stating that the remains to be shipped did not originate from a place

• A Transfer Permit issued by the proper health authority at the place where transportation begins 
• Airway bill 
• Name and contact details of person receiving the body in the Philippines 

N.B. Next of Kin (NOK) should have previously hired the services of a funeral service provider. 

Downloadable Form: