SSS Benefits for OFWs 

The Social Security System (SSS) offers insurance benefits to Filipino workers, whether they are working in the Philippines or overseas. Being a migrant worker and an SSS member though has an advantage because they can opt to enjoy the two- tiered social security scheme of SSS for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). 

The first layer of the SSS program for overseas Filipinos is the Regular OFW Coverage Program. This is the Basic Pension Program that aims to provide OFWs with a source of income after retirement. It was first implemented in 1995 and all documented OFWs are required to be a member. However, for the reason that many members complain that the first layer does not provide sufficient financial protection for life’s uncertainties, SSS created a second layer of protection. 

This is the SSS Flexi-Fund Program which was established in 2001 under President Arroyo’s administration provides members with a pension and savings plan. The membership to this supplementary program is voluntary. In 2002, it was adopted as the National Provident Fund for OFWs. 

Information about Regular OFW Coverage Program of SSS 

Who are covered under this program? 
The program covers all OFWs not over 60 years old, whether previously a member or not. 

When does the coverage of an OFW member take effect? 
Coverage of an OFW takes effect upon payment of the first monthly contribution.