passpor agilat



Appointment for passport applications can now be applied online only through the DFA Global Online Appointment System - Book Appointment Link

For passport renewal, personal appearance is required at the Philippine Embassy in Lisbon for biometric data capture. Processing takes around four (4) to six (6) weeks. 

Minor applicants should be accompanied by either one of the parents. For illegitimate children, they must be accompanied by the mother.

The Philippine Embassy in Lisbon receives applications for electronic passports (ePassports). Pursuant to Republic Act No. 10928 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations, all regular passports issued starting 01 January 2018 shall be valid for 10 years for adults, and 5 years for minors. Please be advised that all passports are printed in the Philippines.

Passport RENEWAL 
• Latest passport (original) and photocopy of its data page (1st), amendment page (2nd), if applicable 

• Portuguese resident card

• Application Fee of €54.00 
• Other documents may be required 


• Application Fee of €54.00 
• Original and photocopy of Report of Birth (ROB). 
• If applicant has no Report of Birth (ROB) yet, has also to simultaneously apply for this document (see requirements and fees under ROB) 
• If parents are married, duly authenticated Marriage Contract of parents (if married in the Philippines) or original marriage contract (if married at the Embassy/Consulate) or Report of Marriage (if married outside Embassy/Consulate premises) 
• Photocopy of parents‘ passports 

Replacement of LOST PASSPORT 

• Original (and photocopy of ) Duly Authenticated Birth Certificate and 
• Original (and photocopy of) Duly Authenticated Marriage Contract, for married women 
• Affidavit of Loss, with fee of €22.50 
• Police Report 
• Application Fee of €135.00 (for lost ePassport or for lost MRRP or MRP)
• Photocopy of lost passport, if available 
• Other documents as may be required, like the following: 

  - Voter’s ID, Baptismal Certificate, PRC IDF, Driver’s License, Seaman’s Book 
  - Transcript of Records or Diploma 
  - Government Service Record / GSIS / SSS IDs 
  - Residence Card 

Extension of Passport Validity 
Per Memorandum Circulars 11-10 and 17-10 and Foreign Service Circular No. 129-08, Foreign Service Posts and Regional Consular Offices may extend the validity of MRRP (green) passports and MRP in view of the gradual implementation of the ePassport project. 

Extension of passport validity of the MRRP and MRP shall be undertaken only in cases involving urgent travel requiring immediate passport issuance. 


  - Latest passport (original and photocopy) 
  - Duly accomplished application form 
  - Residence Card, if available (original and photocopy) 
  - Other documents as may be required 
  - Application fee: €27.00