June Bolneo, Lisbon based Filipina, bats for Remote Working in Portugal. (Photo Courtesy of Ms. Bolneo)


24 April 2020, Lisbon – Despite the current worldwide economic and social challenges caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic, June Bolneo, Lisbon based Filipina, sees an opportunity to lead the Remote Working revolution in Portugal.  

Ms. Bolneo, is the co-founder of the Portuguese company WorkRemote, founded in January 2019. WorkRemote provides consultancy and training services for companies and individuals who want to transition from office to remote working. Given the unforeseen challenges brought by the pandemic, WorkRemote aims to help the Portuguese prepare for a remote future that focuses on areas of digital skills, communication, performance and productivity, management and reporting, career progression and well-being. WorkRemote is supported by the Lisbon City Government and was developed in partnership with Grow Remote, Startup Portugal,, Le Wagon, Ironhack and Lisbon Digital Nomads, the leaders in the digital and start up industries in Portugal.

WorkRemote’s 30-day courses are taught in English and are geared towards professionals who want to open a 100% remote business, or those with some type of limitation, as well as those who have an advantage in accessing services at a distance. Remote working offers the advantage of learning to stay productive and leveraging full potential of a work force from wherever in the world one may be.

The Philippine Embassy has been partnering with Ms. Bolneo in several of its gender and development (GAD) programs and activities by introducing the concept of remote working (i.e. digital design; online sales; etc.) to Filipinos in Portugal.