4 OFWs in Gibraltar

Filipino Seafarers of the MT Delta Tolmi upon their arrival at the London Heathrow Airport. (Photo courtesy of: Reginald Regino)


11 June 2020 - The Philippine Embassy in Lisbon, coordinated the repatriation of four (4) Filipino seafarers of the crude oil tanker vessel, MT Delta Tolmi, docked in Gibraltar.  The repatriation is part of the Department of Foreign Affairs’ (DFA) mandate to protect the welfare of all overseas Filipinos, more so during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic when many Filipinos on board sea vessels find themselves stranded in many ports and cities abroad.

From Gibraltar, the four seafarers boarded their flight to London on 10 June 2020, on their way to Manila.  The Philippine Embassy in Lisbon, which has Consular jurisdiction over Gibraltar, always coordinates all the necessary arrangements with the Philippine Embassy in London to assure the safe repatriation of Filipinos in similar situations in Gibraltar.

The four Filseafarers expressed their thanks to the Philippine Government for the efficient coordination of all Philippine government agencies involved in arranging their repatriation to the Philippines.


4 seafarers in Gibraltar Pic 2

Filipino Seafarers of the oil tanker MT Delta Tolmi waiting for their flight back to the Philippines. (Photo courtesy of: Reginald Regino)


4 seafarers in Gibraltar Pic 3

(Photo courtesy of: Reginald Regino)